YRBA to offer new baseball bag for youth


YRAA Youth Baseball Bag is coming.

The company is launching a new product for kids ages 12-17 in a bid to improve access to baseball gear.

The new product is called the YRBB Baseball Bag, and it’s a plastic baseball bat that comes with a variety of accessories for kids.

The bag features a pocket on the side, two-inch wide rubber padding for kids and two rubber-rubber inserts for parents.

It also comes with an additional pocket for a baseball glove.

“It’s a really cool idea,” said Chris Lehner, the company’s founder and CEO.

“It really gives kids access to an amazing baseball bat.”

In addition to the baseball bat, the YPBA Baseball Bag includes a pair of soccer balls, a baseball helmet, a football helmet, tennis shoes, a basketball jersey and a baseball bag.YRBA Youth Baseball Balls”This is the first time we’ve brought something like this to market,” Lehner said.

The YRAB Baseball Bag comes in three different sizes, which can be purchased individually, and is priced at $39.95.

It will be available to youth ages 12 to 17 starting this summer, YRRA said.

In addition, the new baseball bat has a built-in microfiber cloth, which Lehner believes can help prevent the spread of infection.

He also says the new YRBL product will help reduce bullying in the sport.

youth baseball bag youth baseball bats

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