Youth Baseball Sunglasses for $80: Yeezy’s new Yeezys, Adidas, and more on sale


Yeeza and Adidas are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their iconic sneakers with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

The Yeezer YEEZY 4 is set to release on March 6, and the Adidas YEE ZY 4 and YEEZA YEEZI 4 are set to arrive in April.

Both are available now in stores and online.

The Yeeezys are a limited edition collection of the sneakers that was released in 2012.

It’s the first pair of Yeezeys to be sold through YeeZA’s authorized online store.

The sneakers are available for $100 on and $150 on

The Adidas Yeezys have a sleek, minimalist design with a black, yellow, and red color scheme.

They feature a pair that has a matte finish, along with a hooded version.

Both have a large, circular design on the sides.

The shoes feature a black rubber sole with a rubberized tongue.

They also feature a rubber outsole.

The $80 Yeezzy YEEZE 4 features a black mesh upper, along the side of the shoe, with a mesh lining, mesh accents, and black stitching.

The pair features a mesh liner, mesh lining and mesh accents on the side.

The top of the Yeezi YEEZZY 4 features the Adidas logo on the upper, while the bottom features a sticker that reads “Yeezy” on the tongue.

Both pairs have a black outsole, but the Yeezzi Yeezza 4 is the only one that has an insole.

The sole is made of Nubuck rubber.

The new Yeezzys are $100 each on Adidas and, but you can also buy them in-store and online from Nike, Vans, and Zappos.

rude eternal youth youth baseball sunglasses

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