‘You have to be a big asshole to be homeless’: This guy is not homeless anymore


The summer before I was born, I was living in the car park of my local community college, in a one-bedroom apartment on the edge of town.

A friend of mine, a fellow student, had a large wooden bed in the living room.

I was so young, I’d been to sleepovers, I had been sleeping on the couch in the corner of the living area, and I’d never had a mattress.

I’d grown up in a house where the mattress was usually in the kitchen, and it had never been a problem.

Now, it was the mattress that was in the bathroom, in my bedroom, and in my room, and so on.

I slept in the same bed with the same mattress, and if I slept on the floor in front of it, I got to sit on it too.

I wasn’t a particularly tall kid, but I was pretty skinny and didn’t have a lot of muscles.

My friends and I used to laugh about the mattress in my living room, but now I had to wear a t-shirt and jeans to bed every night.

I got used to it, but at some point I stopped being able to sit in a bed on my own, and had to use someone else’s.

At some point, the mattress had to be taken out, and that meant taking my shoes off.

I used them to get in the shower and shower myself, and once I’d washed my clothes I went out to my friends and said: “Why don’t we go to the toilet?”

We were really embarrassed, so we didn’t go.

When we came back, I said: Oh, God, I can’t do that.

The toilet is like a toilet for the homeless.

My roommate said: Why don’t you go to a park or a park-and-ride and sit on the grass, and then go to bed?

We went to a friend’s house and had a shower, and a few days later, we were back in the room again, and there was the same thing.

I went to the same place and got my shoes on, and went to sleep.

I’m now an adult.

I don’t think there’s any other option, other than to go to my friend’s apartment.

I’ve had to go back and forth with my friends about whether I should go back to sleep in the bed.

There’s a stigma attached to sleeping on a mattress, but for a lot the homeless it’s the only option.

The homelessness of the homeless has been documented for decades, but the stories of its people are often dismissed by the media as “tragic stories”, or as a product of the “broken system”.

In reality, the homeless population in the UK is one of the highest in the world, and the problem is exacerbated by the lack of affordable housing.

Homeless people who are housed in shelters or in care homes face a myriad of problems, from lack of privacy to mental health issues to substance abuse.

The UK is the only country in the European Union where people are required to report their housing status to the police, a policy which is not based on the reality of the housing crisis, and has had the unintended consequence of making the homeless more vulnerable to exploitation.

The Guardian spoke to three of the people who live in homeless shelters in the north east, and one who is homeless on the streets.

1:21 In the UK, we have a system where if you’re in a shelter, you have to go in and get checked and tested every two weeks, which is very, very time-consuming and it doesn’t provide much for people who need housing.

There are so many people in care, so you don’t get the same level of support, you don´t get as much social support, so they are just stuck in a cycle.

There is a big stigma attached at the moment, especially if you live in a homeless shelter, that if you are in a housing accommodation, you are a criminal, and you should be sent to a care home.

But, really, the system is broken.

The housing crisis is not just affecting the homeless in the city, but in the country.

In the past two years, there have been three incidents of people being sexually assaulted in the English Midlands.

The violence is often accompanied by a sense of victimisation, and we know that it is not being taken seriously by the authorities.

People are being targeted because they are homeless, and people are being sexually abused.

That is not a criminal issue, it is a mental health issue.

Homelessness is an issue that is very much connected to homelessness.

It has a lot to do with the nature of homelessness, which means there are lots of people who don’t have enough housing to live in, and are in shelters because they don’t know what else to do.

They don’t understand the problem.

The lack of safe and affordable housing is a major problem for the community

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