What’s the best electric youth perfume you can buy?


Young people love the smell of electric youth—they just love the flavor and texture.

But what does it smell like?

To find out, VICE News asked eight young people who live, work, and play in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and other big cities in America how they describe it.

The results were not exactly surprising: All of them say it smells like the kind of thing you’d pick up on the subway: “I think it smells of fresh fruit, a little bit of vanilla, and a hint of green tea.

It’s sort of a fruity scent.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, that is, the flavor of electric, the term refers to the chemical compounds found in the body of the electrical current.

In electric, we’re talking about the electrical charges generated by the body, the electricity that travels through a battery.

The term was coined by the British chemist Joseph Mercatie, who coined the term “electricity” in the late 1800s.

In 1867, the British inventor Robert Hooke developed a process for creating a battery by heating the electrolyte in a metal tube.

The metal is then heated and cooled to create a liquid electrolyte.

When the liquid electrolytes have cooled, they release electrons that can then be used to charge a battery, according to Wikipedia.

This process was the basis for a range of different battery-charging technologies.

Today, there are batteries in everything from cars to homes and power tools.

And while the term is a bit of a misnomer, its roots can be traced back to 1873, when a chemist named Richard Evans invented the electrolytic process.

Evans discovered that by heating water to produce electrolytes, he could create a chemical compound that would act as a catalyst, which allows for the formation of electricity.

When he poured the mixture into a glass tube, he noticed that it turned out to be a compound of potassium permanganate and sodium chloride, two compounds that were then chemically linked to a compound called propyl hydroxyl.

Evans was interested in these compounds because they could be used as catalysts for creating electrical currents, which would then drive an electric motor.

The potassium permangates were particularly interesting because they were chemically linked with a compound known as propyl thiophene, which is an amino acid that’s naturally present in a lot of foods and plants.

Propyl thiophene is a naturally occurring compound in some fruits, vegetables, and meat.

It also is present in many fruits and vegetables, which are often found in foods like pickles, sausages, and yogurt.

So Evans was curious how the potassium permagnates would react to the potassium thiopenes.

And he did not disappoint.

“It turned out that these compounds, which were originally potassium permafluorides, were capable of reacting with potassium thiophenes, which in turn were capable, in part, of forming hydrogen,” Evans said.

So, Evans and his team tested a range on young people to see if these reactions would occur.

They gave young people a mix of potassium thiabromide and potassium permagide, two other electrolytes that were already commonly used as catalyst compounds.

And then they gave them propyl hydrogen sulfide.

They then gave them potassium permaguide and sodium hydroxide.

“What they found was that these two electrolytes were very similar, but they didn’t work as well as the other electrolyte,” Evans explained.

The young people were then given propyl permanganates and sodium thiapatite, which both are known to be used in the electrolysis of other compounds, such as propylene glycol and propylene oxide.

Evans’ team also tested the reaction of propyl ferrocyanide, a common electrolyte found in some products, and propyl sodium sulfate, which has been found in many foods.

In the experiment, Evans found that the young people showed an increase in electric charge as they experienced the effects of propylene.

“These are very, very exciting findings, and they indicate that propylene thiaps is the only compound that can work in the presence of propylethiaphene and sodium permanganides,” Evans added.

And they also showed that the two compounds are similar to each other.

Evans said that the next step in his research will be to look for other compounds that could help create electric charges in the cells of these young people, and if they work, it would suggest that these electrolytes may have more than just a taste.

“There are lots of compounds that work in a range, so we don’t know if the ones we’re looking for are going to work,” Evans concluded.

The best electric teen perfume You can buy in the US

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