What is a youth choir?


With a name like PAM GRIER, one might think that young people in Indonesia have been singing for decades.

But this is not the case.

The word PAM (Peoples and Minors) means “children” in Malay and the term was coined in 1876 by Malay author Anantha M. Giri.

It’s a phrase that refers to a group of young people who can’t sing or play any instrument, but are willing to be active in the community.

PAM is often used as an acronym for “peoples and minors”.

For the PAM Youth Organisation (PHO), a group which exists to help children of the youth choir of Kota Bharu, this is a big achievement.

PHO is also a registered charity.

Pampasis are not only young people from the age of 12 years old but also from a variety of different socio-economic backgrounds.

The organisation works with the youth and their families to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

It also aims to provide educational and vocational opportunities for the young people, and provides them with a place to live.

But for all the young singers, this doesn’t come cheap.

There are a lot of different costs associated with being a youth singer.

There is the cost of accommodation, food and clothing.

For a young person who has just finished his education, the cost for a house is around P300 per month, while a young woman can expect to spend around P700 per month on food and accommodation.

As a group, the costs of living and attending concerts are much higher than those for the singers.

Many young singers from Kota Bhari are unable to afford the daily costs of running the youth organisation, nor are they able to pay for the equipment, like microphones and amplifiers, that are necessary to sing.

As one of the founding members of the PHO, Naman D. said, “There are many different expenses involved in running a youth organisation like this, and we cannot just keep them in our pockets”.

There are so many different ways that PAM’s costs can vary from month to month.

In the last three years, the organisation has been able to spend about P2.5 million on equipment and other supplies, according to the PHo’s executive director, Yaw K. The PHo also manages the finances of the choir, including the financial support for the members of their staff, as well as providing salaries for its staff members.

These are all things that are beyond the control of the Pampasi singers.

Some of the expenses, such as the cost to rent a studio space for a singing group, can be considered as private business expenses, which are allowed by the local laws.

Some other expenses, like transportation costs and food, are not covered by the organisation’s income and are charged by the donors.

PAMPASIS PAM and its staff are all members of one organisation, which is called the Youth and Youth Organisation of Pampasis (YOP).

This is the name of the organisation that the PAMPAs members are supposed to serve.

This is an umbrella term that covers many different organisations that are trying to provide opportunities for youth to learn about singing, music and dance.

The PAMPA is a registered charitable organisation and has its own budget for the organisation.

The money that the organisation gets from the public, through donations, is allocated to the programme, according the PHOs budget.

The youth organisations, in turn, are able to receive donations through various sources.

Pampsis own members are often not eligible for the PAMS membership, but can still apply to join.

For the members who do not join, the organization will send them a list of their favourite PAMPas and offer to send them to the PAMI, the local youth organisation.

There, they can then go to the concerts to sing or to the performances.

Many PAMas have their own singing groups, which include the Pampsi Youth Choir (PAMPSA), the Pamsi Youth Band (PAMSA) and the Pamasi Youth Band Singers (PAMI).

For those who want to join the PAMA, the PAmasi Youth Choire (PAMS), the Dangong Pampa Singers, or the Pambi Singers PAMAS, the youth choirs are located at various locations throughout Kota Baru and are usually held every Friday night.

The most common way that PAMPIs are able get their name on the register is by joining the Pama, which requires only a few minutes of sitting at a table.

The other way that they are able, according PAMPSA’s executive manager, Muhidah Y. P. says, is through an official announcement made by the Pameran or Pampasa.

The announcement is made on the door of the school or school office, which in PAMPs case is at the school

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