What Alex is talking about, his father says


Alex’s mother, Karen, said that her son was the kind of boy who had an abundance of self-confidence and confidence, but his dad said that Alex’s behavior was always “disturbing” and that he “could be dangerous” to himself and others.

Alex was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, as a toddler, and has since been in and out of foster care.

Alex has also had trouble communicating with his peers.

Karen said that after Alex’s parents divorced and Alex’s father moved away, she tried to help him with his communication.

“He wanted to learn how to read, so I would go over and teach him,” Karen said.

“When he would get home and the teachers would say he was so stupid, he would say, ‘I can’t read.’

I would say no, that’s not going to work, and he would go to sleep and then wake up and he’d be in the wrong classroom.

He would fall asleep and then come back in and he wouldn’t be able to learn anything.

I would just say, let’s just get him home.

But when he came home, he was very different.” “

I was always going to see him again, and I always would have.

But when he came home, he was very different.”

Karen and her husband moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2008 and Karen said she had no idea that her autistic son would eventually commit suicide.

“My husband has autism and we don’t know how he would react if he had a chance to meet Alex,” Karen told CNN.

“But I do know Alex was very happy, but he didn’t really understand what it was that he loved.”

Alex was a high-achieving, self-confident student who was attending a Phoenix high school, according to Karen.

He had attended a high school for girls that Karen described as “like a girl-only club.”

The school was not named in the news reports.

Karen described her son as outgoing, but said he was not interested in sports or socializing.

He “had this big sense of accomplishment, and then he would just have this big drop in self-esteem,” Karen explained.

“And he would have this huge drop in his academic performance, and the academic performance was not what he wanted to see.”

She added that the family had tried to get Alex into a high performance school but was unsuccessful.

Karen’s son was found dead in a Phoenix apartment in November 2015.

He reportedly committed suicide after he was found by a relative.

Police said they were not sure what happened to the body.

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