Washington, D.C. Youth Soccer Officials Accused of Using Children to Test the Safety of the Games


The Washington, DC, Youth Soccer officials have been accused of using children to test the safety of the games.

On May 25, 2017, an anonymous person tweeted to the Washington DC Soccer Association (DSA) about an incident involving a child participating in a game.

The DSA responded, and within 24 hours, they released a statement denying that the player had ever been involved in any wrongdoing and promising to continue to do so.

The Washington DC SSA has not yet responded to the allegations, and it is not known how many children the person said had participated in the game.

In response, the DSA wrote on Twitter: Our team is in the process of working with the Washington D.CA.

This is an investigation.

We are cooperating with all relevant agencies. 

The tweet was deleted within a few hours, but the DPA continued to release statements saying that they had “received information that a DSA employee is suspected of being involved in a child abuse scandal involving an unnamed child.”

The Washington DSA is one of the oldest and largest youth soccer organizations in the nation.

Its members play in more than 300 leagues around the world. 

In its statement, the Washington SSA also claimed that they were “committed to preventing child abuse.”

However, they added that “it is important to note that we have been in contact with the DCA to discuss the incident with them.” 

According to the DDA’s press release, they are working with law enforcement to gather evidence in the case.

“The DSA has been in communication with law enforcers to obtain information in the investigation,” the press release stated. 

At this time, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the player said that he had not been involved with any wrongdoing in the past, and he would not have been involved if he had been.

The player added that the investigation is ongoing. 

According the Washington Post: The investigation is not related to any child abuse allegations.

The investigation has not been tied to any criminal charges. 

“We have not received any reports of any kind that a child was abused in the last year or two,” the player told The Post.

“There is no one that’s been involved that I’ve known of that has been accused, either.

It’s a matter of what’s happening in the community at the moment.” 

The Washington Dachau trial In November, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that the case against three Russian athletes in connection with the 2016 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia had been dropped.

The three men were charged in December with doping violations related to the Sochi Games, but they were found not guilty by reason of lack of evidence.

The men had been accused by Russian officials of using performance-enhancing drugs in order to gain an unfair advantage over rivals during the Sochi Winter Games.

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) said in a statement that the athletes had not used banned substances in Sochi.

In addition to the Russian athletes, former Olympian Yevgeny Primakov, former Olympic silver medallist Ilya Makarov and former WADA-accredited physician and former Russian anti-doping agent Yevhen Kovalenko have been charged in the Dachuk case.

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