The truth about ‘The Little Ones’ – an exploration of the world of little people


The Little Ones are the world’s smallest children, which is pretty damn exciting!

This adorable, anthropomorphic kids’ book explores the fascinating and wondrous world of children, and the unique, quirky people they live with.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to find out.

This is the first in a three-part series exploring the world and culture of children.

The Little People in their native languages are described as being of a “small stature, with a large head and a long, black coat”, but we found that this is a simplification to make them appear more anthropomorphic.

The fact that these little people have a long black coat and long ears, plus a black headband, are actually the result of a tradition in some of the local communities.

These traditions have been passed down through generations.

The book describes how they have been known to wear a black cap with a long white stripe to represent their long ears and long coats.

We also found out that the Little Ones have a very distinctive hairstyle that is almost as long as their head.

While the Little People are only seen in their traditional communities, there is a very vibrant, colourful culture in their home village, the town of Gah, where they live.

And as you might expect, there are lots of cute animals, which makes this a fun read for any child!

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