The Electric Youth perfume line from Japan has a lot of fun in its formula


By now, most of us have been able to detect the unmistakable scent of the brand’s signature perfume: an intensely sweet, nutty vanilla and anise blend.

But the company behind the line, Electric Youth, has added a few subtle touches that could change the way we smell the brand.

In a statement on their website, the company said they’re working on a line with “an extra dose of passion” to try to capture the essence of the Japanese spirit of “kawaii.”

The company said that the “extra dose” of passion is “the essence of kawaii,” or love.

“Electric Youth has developed the world’s most exquisite, unique and award-winning kawai,” the statement read.

“With this passion, we are aiming to bring the essence and warmth of kakashi katakuri to our customers around the world.”

To do that, the new Electric Youth scent line includes:A new “kakashi” fragrance, named kakashiko katake, that smells “like kawachi, kawachu, and kawabe” (an olfactory term for a Japanese candy-like candy).

A “kashashi” floral fragrance, called kakakara katame, that “grows with you, and is infused with the essence, warmth and love of the heart.”

And a “kasai” fragrance named katachan, “heart flower.”

“It has a freshness, a fresh taste, and a sweet note of oolong that is reminiscent of the cherry blossoms and bergamot in the summer,” the company wrote.

The company added that “heart-embracing” notes like sweet tea and a hint of sweet lemon pepper “are all present.”

electric youth perfume youth in asia

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