When your parents get sick

More than 30 per cent of people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will not get better by their sixth birthday, according to a study.The results, published today in the journal Autism Research, show that when people have an ASD at birth, it can be hard to understand and understand the condition.Professor of Psychology and


Polaris Youth: ‘This Is Not Our World’

AtV has been watching polaris youth, the four wheelers that were used to transport people and supplies across the ice, since 2004.AtV had previously tracked them, and they have been the most common transport option for polaris to get around.“This is not our world,” said AtV’s president and CEO, Chris Anderson.“They are not for everybody.”AtV,


Biden: ‘We’re gonna win the battle’ on ‘disability’

Biden on Wednesday called on President-elect Donald Trump to end “discriminatory policies” and provide a “full, swift and comprehensive response” to the “disability epidemic” that he says is costing the country more than $1 trillion a year.“We’re going to win the war on the disabled.And we’re going, we’re gonna have a full, swift, comprehensive response,”