Patricia Heaton: ‘I’m Not a Victim’


Patricia Heaton is the youngest of five children born to former Chicago Blackhawks goalie Pat Heaton.

She is a member of the Northwest Youth Corps in Northwest Michigan and serves as the lead cheerleader.

Heaton was one of seven cheerleaders to be named in the Chicago Blackhawks annual cheerleaders honor roll.

Heatons performance in the NWYC was one for the ages.

She was voted Team MVP in the final game of the season.

“The Northwest Youth Corps is a great organization, and I love it,” Heaton said.

“I’m not a victim of anything.

I’m just one of the lucky ones.

I get to be part of something that’s good.”

Patricia Heatons father is a Chicago Blackhawks fan.

The family attended the team’s training camp when Heaton first came out to the community.

“It was great to see her get recognized and get the love that she got,” Heatons mother, Patti, said.

Heatos family has a lot of support from people who knew her as a kid.

“She had a lot to offer,” Patti said.

“I’m sure Pat would have loved to get to the rink,” Pat Heatons uncle, Mike, said of his niece.

“Patricia was a very special person, a special little girl, and it was a privilege to watch her grow,” Heatens dad said.

The Northwest youth group will be holding a celebration at the Northweser Recreation Center on Saturday to celebrate Pat’s life.

northwest youth corps patricia heaton youth

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