How to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in your local bars


You’ve probably heard of the NCAA Tournament, which takes place in January every year.

In 2018, the tournament featured 16 teams from 12 conferences, including six men’s teams.

The event is the biggest sports event of the year for college sports fans, with the NCAA awarding $50 million to universities and conferences for each school’s appearance.

The final four teams from each conference play each other to determine who advances to the NCAA Championship game.

That final four team is selected by the NCAA, and a winner is crowned the national champion.

In the past, a champion has faced off against another champion, but this year the champion will face off against a rival, and the two will face each other in a tournament.

Here’s a look at how to watch this year’s tournament in your favorite bars.1.

Take a trip to the bars to get your beer fix.

You’ll need a valid ID to drink at bars in 2019.

Some bars will let you take your ID and get a glass of beer with you.

Some bar owners may also let you bring your ID with you if you want to bring your own beer or beer from home.2.

The NCAA Tournament in 2019 will be played in the Alamodome in Denver, which seats 12,000.

There are no rules to follow during the tournament, so don’t worry about being late to the game.

The main attraction is the Big Sky Conference championship game, which is scheduled for April 20.

This is a major tournament for the Mountain West Conference and Colorado State, which will be hosting the title game.

There will be two other games on the Pac-12 schedule.3.

You can take a break from the games to catch a beer with your friends.

Most bars offer a full bar, with games starting at 7 p.m.

You might want to take advantage of the free shuttle service from the Big Red Bus to the Alamos to get around.4.

Watch the men’s basketball tournament with your family.

The Pac-10 is hosting a men’s tournament for fans of college basketball this year.

There’s plenty to enjoy in the Pac 12, including the men, women, and some non-conference games.5.

Check out the games on TV.

The 2018-19 NCAA Men 10-Team Tournament is set to begin at 8 p..m., and the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament starts at 10 p.

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