How to watch Italy’s youth wrestling match – Soccer Italia


The first time you hear about youth wrestling in Italy, it’s a big deal.

But what’s a little known sport, which involves young people throwing themselves on each other, really about?

In many ways, youth wrestling is a sport that’s not quite ready for primetime.

It was once relegated to niche clubs, and it remains a fringe sport.

But now, thanks to the new digital medium, the sport has caught the eye of a global audience and even the world’s top sports federations are interested.

Here’s everything you need to know about the country’s newest form of competitive sports.

What is youth wrestling?

The sport has roots in Italy’s small, family-run wrestling clubs, known as sonics.

They are organised by a local chapter of the International Wrestling Federation (IWF), which is based in the small town of Venezia in the south of the country.

Sonics are loosely organized groups of around 30 to 40 people, who compete in a variety of sports, including boxing, wrestling and other forms of physical contact sports.

They have a history of playing to a crowd of a few hundred spectators, and are often given a platform on television to perform their acts.

Some wrestlers are born into the sport, while others are influenced by their older brothers and sisters, and some are even raised by their parents.

The IWF, which is currently based in Switzerland, is the governing body for all international wrestling.

In the UK, the IWF has its headquarters in Wembley Stadium in London, and its website boasts more than 100 wrestling teams from all over the world.

It’s not just wrestling though.

There are also martial arts and sports medicine competitions and many sporting events.

There’s also a youth football league, a national soccer team and a tennis league.

Some of the more notable events in youth wrestling are the annual World Youth Championships in Germany and the European Youth Championship in Spain.

But the sport is expanding rapidly in other countries, with many local federations, clubs and federations around the world forming their own associations.

The popularity of the sport in Italy has also been linked to its economic success, with the IWF claiming to have raised €1.3 billion (£1.1bn) for the country over the past decade.

This success has not gone unnoticed in Italy.

In addition to the IWC, the national federation of wrestling clubs in the country has also attracted global attention.

Last year, the governing authority of the federation, the Sonics, had to apologise to a member of the Italian public after the organisation posted an offensive video on Facebook in which a young boy’s hand was being grabbed.

In the video, the boy is being chased by a rival wrestler.

The video prompted a national outcry and resulted in the federation having to issue a public apology.

The Sonics said the video had been filmed in an illegal way.

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