How to get rid of the clothes that make you look like a baby


A teenage boy who got a new pair of baby clothes because of the popularity of Instagram is sharing his story on social media.

The 17-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he bought the clothes online and that he had a few problems with them but that he was happy with the product and that it fit him well.

The teenager said he has been wearing the new baby clothes for the last three months.

The first pair of the new clothes, which he bought online for $70, was a little bit too big for him, but he is now very happy with them and is happy that he can wear them to school.

“I have been wearing them to my school because they fit my hips and hips fit my body,” he said.

“They fit me very well.”

Mr Williams said the new ones fit his hips well and he has not had to change anything about his clothes in the last few months.

“We are wearing them at home, at school and at work, we have been having fun,” he added.

“So I think I’m in a good place.”

It’s been a really good time so far.

“There’s a lot of things I like about them.”

He said he was able to have a good sleep after buying them and that his father has not noticed anything different.

He said the clothing were not the first thing he bought in a new set of clothes but that the price was not too far off what he would have been getting for a similar item in his local department store.

“If I had to say, this is my favourite pair of clothes ever, I’d say they are a bit of a bargain,” he wrote.

“But the biggest surprise was how well they fit.”

The quality was great and I love them.

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