How to get an iPhone XS Max review


The iPhone X has been a hot topic in the US over the past couple of weeks as we’ve witnessed multiple people take a chance on the new flagship device.

The company has recently announced a $1,500 rebate for anyone who bought an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus for the first time, but the iPhone X Plus will be priced at a whopping $3,500.

We’ve seen some impressive leaks from iPhone X suppliers like 3D Robotics and Fudzilla, so it seems that we’ll be seeing more details on the device in the coming days.

However, in case you’re still wondering how much the phone will cost, we’ve got you covered.

According to a recent report from Chinese tech website Tech Insider, Apple will offer a $3.50 discount for iPhone X owners on September 14th.

This rebate will apply to all iPhone X models.

The iPhone 7 Plus is currently priced at $9,999, and the iPhone 8 is priced at an astonishing $10,000.

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