How to be an effective sports manager in the summer: A guide


This week’s rugby league season has seen the emergence of a number of exciting youngsters at NRL clubs, but one who has stood out from the rest is the rising star of the summer.

With the NRL’s first season in the books and the start of the new NRL season on Friday, the season is already shaping up to be a wild ride.

The season starts with the NSW Origin series and the return of the Western Bulldogs.

It also marks the debut of the AFL, and the arrival of new stars like Jarryd Hayne and David Klemmer.

The Rabbitohs and Bulldogs clash at ANZ Stadium, but this week’s NRL fixture is set to be the clash of the two biggest clubs in the competition.

The Bulldogs are one of the top clubs in their region, having won the Holden Cup, NRL Premiership and Queensland Cup, while the Rabbitohts are still in the midst of a rebuild after losing the 2014 premiership.

Both clubs have won four finals and a Grand Final and have made the grand final three times since their return to the competition in 2014.

They have been able to get the job done this year and have the support of the NSW Government.

And as a result, both clubs are eager to see what they can achieve in the coming season.

“You never know what the NRL can do for the next couple of years, but it’s exciting to see how we’re playing out in the game,” Hayne said.

“We’ve got to play like that and we’ve got a chance to do that this year.”

It will be a chance for the two clubs to put on a show, and Hayne believes the two teams will do just that.

“It’s great to see the growth of the Rabbitah’s program,” Haynes said.

“We’ve had a really good season and I think that’s going to go a long way to making us a great team for next year.”

This year they’ve put in a really solid effort and they’re going to try and build on that next year.

“The season kicks off on Friday with the Bulldogs playing at the ANZ stadium against the Storm.

After the game, Hayne will fly to New Zealand and visit his wife and daughter.”

They’ll be watching the game from here in Sydney, and we’ll probably spend some time over there before we head back home,” HayNE said.

It is a trip that will be well worth it for Hayne, as he and the rest of the Bulldogs have some time to get to know the new faces on the field.”

I’ve always said that I’m the only person in the world that I’ve played against, and I’ve been to every game at this level, so it’s a good chance for me to get some games under my belt,” Hayden said.

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