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The government is investing $40 million in a youth bike helmet program that will be tested on over 1,000 students, with a goal of providing 200,000 helmets to young adults by 2025.

Key points:The new helmet pilot will be trialled on 1,013 students from the next wave of students into high school who are aged 13 to 16, with the aim of making it mandatory to wear one in every class at school by 2025If helmets are found to be effective in reducing injury rates among young people, they can be rolled out nationwide in 2019.

The project is the brainchild of former Queensland Health Minister Rob Anderson, who said the helmet program would give young people the confidence to start wearing helmets.

“I think it’s a really important thing, and it is a very good idea, to get young people to wear helmets,” he said.

“Because if they don’t, they will wear them to school, and they will get in trouble.”

And if they do, they’re going to get in the system and have their kids involved in that.

“Mr Anderson said the $40m would be spent in a number of ways, including in the area of health, and the money would also go towards supporting youth and youth services to ensure that they have a helmet on the school trip and that it is not too expensive.

The Government’s Youth Bike Helmet Program (YBHLP) will be funded through the State Government’s School and Community Partnership Grants.

It will also include the new $4,000 scholarship that will fund the helmet pilot.

It was announced at a press conference at the Sunshine Coast Community Centre, and was launched by Education Minister Tim Wilson.

Mr Wilson said the new program would help students from different backgrounds, including those who are at risk of injury and those who have been in the community long enough.”

This will provide an opportunity for young people who might not have had the opportunity to get a helmet before to get one, because the helmet has been so successful in terms of reducing injury and illness,” he told the media.”

The program will give young kids confidence to wear a helmet and get out on a bike.”‘

A lot of people’ were worried about wearing helmetsMr Anderson also said the program would provide a way for youth to participate in the wider community.”

We want to make sure that they understand that they are not alone,” he added.”

They’re not going to be the only ones wearing a helmet, so we want to give them a bit of guidance and to help them understand that there’s a lot of other young people out there who are wearing helmets and have got the confidence, and also the financial means, to do that.”‘

We are doing it right’The helmet pilot has been announced with a promise of $40,000 scholarships for students to participate.

Mr Anderson told the ABC the scholarships would be given to students who had already completed the program, and that the first $40K would go to students in grades four to eight, with another $40 going to students at the top of the grade.

He said the pilot would be tested over the next two years, and said the goal was to make the program compulsory to wear.”

It will be mandatory to use a helmet by 2025, and if we find it effective in that, then it will be rolled into the rest of the school year,” he explained.”

But if it is ineffective, we will move it onto the next year and we will test it again next year.

“So, if it’s effective, then we’ll have a mandatory helmet on every school trip, and we would continue to do so.”

There’s been a lot people who have looked at it and said, ‘I don’t want to wear it’.

“I said to them, ‘you don’t have to, I know you can wear it, and I know how much you like wearing it’.”

The pilot will cost $100 per helmet, and Mr Wilson said it was likely the program was to be rolled across the country in the coming years.

“As I said, we’re doing it on a trial basis and we are doing this on a small scale.”

Our goal is to roll it into the whole school year and then we will see whether it is successful in that,” he suggested.’

A good starting point’The pilot is a huge step for Mr Anderson, and he is confident the program will prove effective in the long run.”

If we are successful in making it compulsory, then then we can roll it out nationally, and then if we are unsuccessful in that then it’s going to start rolling into other parts of the country,” he stressed.”

When we find out if we have success in making this compulsory, I think we will be in a better place and we’re not looking for anything like it to come off the back of the trial, but it’s certainly something we

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