Adidas announces new wave youth football helmets and accessories


New York City, Feb. 24, 2017 — Adidas has announced its newest line of youth football helmet and accessories, including the Wave Youth Kayak.

The Wave Youth Soccer Helmet and the Wave Football Helmet are the first of Adidas’ new wave of youth soccer gear, which will be available at retailers nationwide starting today.

“We have seen the potential of youth sport in the past and the ability of youth to connect and connect with each other in new ways,” said Marc Jacobs, senior vice president of global consumer marketing at Adidas.

“This is a bold new direction for our brand and the opportunity to create something special for our fans.”

The new Wave Youth Helmet and Wave Football Headset are a collaboration between Adidas and YMCA of America, which was created specifically to address the needs of youth in underserved communities.

The Wave Youth Headset features the Adidas brand name and logo on the front of the helmet.

The Nike Wave Youth Sport Headset, which has an inline collar, is available in men’s sizes and is also available in women’s sizes.

The Adidas Wave Soccer Headset has a similar design to the Nike Wave Soccer Helmet, but the collar is a little more angled.

The jersey is the same color as the Wave Soccer helmet.

Adidas says the Wave soccer helmets are made of a lightweight, high-performance material with a unique design, that is lightweight, water resistant and shockproof.

Each helmet is waterproof and comes with a protective hood.

The mesh mesh cover also helps keep the helmet from getting wet or dirty, and the helmet comes with an inner lining of mesh.

To make sure the new wave helmets are safe for kids, the team at YMSA of America has also created an interactive app that lets parents, coaches and youth leaders know about the safety of wearing a helmet. 

Adidas and YWCA have also partnered on the Wave Family Sport Headphones, which are available at Target stores in partnership with Nike.

The first pair of the Wave headphones were introduced in January.

In addition to the new youth sports gear, Adidas also launched the Wave YMLEX, an athletic fitness device that is available exclusively at Target.

The YMlex is an in-line compression collar for youth soccer players and sports teams.

For more information on Adidas’ youth sports brand, visit the brand’s website.

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