Teenager beaten by classmates in Hyderabad school

A Hyderabad teen has been beaten up by classmates by hurling rocks and water bottles at them, authorities said.The incident took place on Sunday night at the Tishupala Kisan Yojana (TKK) at Thane village in Jamshedpur district, the district administration said in a statement.The girl, who is a student of Janshedpur High School, was admitted


Youth dirt bikes to ride for first time

California has joined the ranks of the US and Europe as a growing nation of young people eager to take up cycling.The first batch of dirt bikes that will start rolling in the Bay Area, with more expected in the coming months, will be made by the YMCA in Berkeley.The Berkeley YMBC, which also runs


Which youth basketball league is right for you?

In the past year, the U.S. Soccer Federation has faced pressure to change its youth player standards to accommodate women’s soccer leagues.That pressure led to a public relations push to include more women in the youth ranks.The National Women’s Soccer League, which has a total of 11 teams, is one of several leagues in which


What are the top kids baseball gloves?

When you’ve got kids, there’s a lot of pressure to be the best.The best of the best, it seems, are typically the ones who play with the best of their peers.Here are 10 kids baseball glove experts’ picks.1.Nick Rolston, director of the Youth Sports Foundation, an advocacy group for youth baseball, says he was looking


The Truth About Bikini Body Bodies

When you think of body images, what do you think about?Bikini bodies?Body piercings?Body tattoos?Body piercing?Body piercages?Body hair?Body piercing?Body makeup?Body paint?Body make-up?Body hair?Body tattoo?Body make-ups?Body body?Body contouring?Body tattoos?Body dyeing?Body paint?Body massaging?Body painting?Body decor?Body jewelry?Body scarification?Bikini bodies, body piercINGS, body tattoos, body contouring, body paint, body make- up, body piercing, body tattoo, body makeup, body jewelry, body


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